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     All my sculpture is derived from the process of problem-solving for pleasure – I enjoy the puzzles of balance, symmetry and asymmetry, negative and positive space.  The works seldom reference the outside world, yet are often inspired by shapes in nature:  circles, curves, diagonals, angles of sheared rock, the yaw, pitch and roll of a bird's flight.  Small and human-scale works are often suggested by found objects which can be clamped together in trial fits.  Large works grow from cardboard maquettes.


     Each scale has its own rewards.  Pedestal-sized pieces invite intimacy;human-scale sculptures meet the viewer at eye level; outdoor works juxtapose against the sky.  In each case, welding allows the suspension of gravity.


     I like permanence and beauty.  I like non-objectivity, patterns, the additive process, craftsmanship, variety of texture, verticality and, especially, shaping space.


     Space should not be merely occupied; neither should it be controlled; rather, it should be inhabited by a sculpture – for the pleasure of the observer.


                                                                         Milan J. Kralik, Jr.

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